The Earning Capacity Project may be an important opportunity for you!

The supports provided through the Earning Capacity Project are valued at over $3,000

Travel and accommodation support is available!

What participants are saying...

  • We are looking forward to proceeding with this and are very pleased to have the coaching/mentoring expertise available.
    The Institute was a good overall introduction to all the various aspects, but it will be good to get down to details of each step.
    - Markham Institute Participant
  • With the support and guidance of the Earning Capacity project we have developed a shared vision for those in attendance at the first workshop.
    We see how the social enterprise model will contribute to our organization's future success as we evolve to meet the rapidly changing needs of the region we serve.
    - Markham Institute Participant
  • Regardless of whether we use this learning to build a social enterprise or not,
    we have gained learning and tools that we will apply in our organization’s strategic planning and operations.
    - Kitchener-Waterloo Institute Participant
  • There was a lot of expertise which benefited the participants. The flexibility, and the two,
    slightly different perspectives and styles of the Facilitators was also a benefit.
    - Kitchener-Waterloo Institute Participant
  • I appreciated the opportunity to work 'offsite' ... we are so rarely afforded the time to work on anything other than day to day activities.
    Learning and networking from the other organizations - especially those that have some historical evidence of their social enterprise behind them - was valuable.
    - Kitchener-Waterloo Institute Participant
  • This project is very timely. It needs to be part of a 'bigger' conversation on the challenges facing NPOs
    and our attempts to be innovative to address these challenges with limited financial support.
    - Kitchener-Waterloo Institute Participant
  • I benefited most from the exchange of ideas with other participants and the facilitators (feedback, ideas, etc.).
    - Markham Institute Participant
  • Facilitators were knowledgeable and skilled enough to allow flexibility in timing, exercises to be done etc.
    but I don't feel cheated or like I missed something vital.
    - Markham Institute Participant

Members of the Earning Capacity Project